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the zero to hero blog program

build a badass blog

(6 weeks)

Rad Maverix

This 6 week program is for the babe looking to create a blog from zero to hero. Let me help you take the overwhelm out of creating a website!

This program is perfect for you if you're wanting to start a new blog quickly without the headache + hassle! 

the ignite program

create Your Dream Life

(8 weeks)

Rad Maverix Lifestyle for anyone who is feeling lost or stuck in this fast-paced world and who is ready to live their best life ever (hint: happiness, soul-satisfying confidence and health).

Together we will discover your purpose and how to channel your abilities to reach your life (+biz!) goals. 

the chief of the teepee program

Build Your Empire

(10 weeks) for anyone who has been dying to start their own business but doesn't know where to start, OR for someone who currently owns a business but is ready to take it to the next level. This program includes all new branding (logo, brand colors, fonts) from my branding experts! Let's create a life you'll love and a business you can be proud of.


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